Three v Three Community Wide Tournament

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Three v Three Community Wide Tournament Empty Three v Three Community Wide Tournament

Post by {JOG}Mastaisac on Sat Jul 06, 2013 11:10 pm

Summer... The prime oppourtinity for hosted tournaments for the community. Being that the last 2v2 tournament was successful, I wanted to do another JOG hosted one. Now is the perfect time for one being that everyone has a lot of free time on their hands. Hopefully this one can be as successful, or even better, than the last tourney.


Max of eight teams with three players representing each team. Each team has a team name. Total participants would be 24 players

*The 2v2 tournament had 32 players (16 teams with two people) so we should be able to fill this up fairly easily


1. No shooters
2. No pullers
3. One Luke
4. One choker
5. No swapping to Han Solo to fix med droid.
6. Team Damage is off
7. Each round is played to 50 where both sides swap at the end of the round and play again to 50
8. No clinching (this can be overruled if both sides agree to play to clinch)
9. No glitching
10. Winner must post results in score result thread
11. No taunting
12. No spawncamping
13. No ringers
14. No killing yourself
15. All matches are played in Prime (one team member from each team will be given admin to Prime server so they can set it up the match in a seconds notice)

* Much like the prior 2v2 tournament, this tournament will also have a losers bracket. Four teams will lose the first round and will then move on to the losers bracket. From that point, these teams in the loser bracket will boil it down to two teams and then to one. The team that wins the losers bracket will have to beat the winner of the original bracket twice to win the whole tournament. This is instilled for sake of more playability

**Right now, I'm purely just asking for signups. We have eight people signed up so far, so, the more the merrier. Once we hit 24 people, signups will stop, so, get your spot quick

*** Winners will get a brand new sig commerating their stupendous victory as both a team and an indivdual. I will also call up Hue Knightley to write a Holonet celebrating the winners with praises and adornement that will be logged in the JOG archives.


1. Mastaisac
2. Berserk
3. Ninja
4. Inferno
5. Franky
6. Skylink
7. King CT
8. Viking


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