To {JOG}Jeff and whomever it may concern

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To {JOG}Jeff and whomever it may concern Empty To {JOG}Jeff and whomever it may concern

Post by {GJ}Riptide on Fri Oct 25, 2013 5:05 pm

First and for most I would like to say, if you have questions or something to say, come to the source. Don't rely on what certain members of your council say as 100% true. Now I would like you to know we don't hate JOG, we hate 1 person in JOG, the goldenboy, so don't talk like we hate all of you. Now let me point out a couple problems with your post on the JOG site.
1) Ryu didn't know the passwords to temple, I did. We used temple when we didn't have a server for scrims and 1v1's because JOG only used prime.
2) Like i said it's not all of jog we disrespect and don't like. It's only isac a.k.a goldenboy.
3) Lets talk about good ol' snakebite. Yes sony made the snakebite account, it started as a joke. And for a couple months we didn't even use it, it just made us laugh how stupid u guys can be. But then one of us went on it one day and saw a lot of talk in your private forums badmouthing GJ members. Things like laughing at how one of us rage quit and the rest of your clan laughed, while let me point out that is the viewpoint of 1 person, none of you asked why or are you sure or asked the person. You just assumed the JOG member was 100% right. We also noticed JOG's very selective posts in it's logs. For every 5 losses you only seem to post 1. Well it's shady enough as it is that the logs are private but now everybody knows why to a certain extent. A certain JOG council member never posts when he losses to us or losses in a 1v1, maybe he feels we are inferior to him and it would be embarrassing. I'll use this as an example, on the 23rd Myself and ninja played skylink and manny, we won. Also on the 23rd mimmi and inferno beat manny and deathchamber. Now heres the funny part, in your log, the only thing that was posted (as soon as those matches were done) was a scrim JOG won a couple days ago. Now are our logs perfect? No. But we don't talk shit about other clans we play in them and we don't have them private so if someone has an issue with them, we can fix it. Much like goldenboy did yesterday. You say using the snakebite account was disrespectful, well I say talking shit and making up lies about people in your private forums even more disrespectful. An example of that would be Wooo talking shit about me when i haven't spoken to wooooo once since i left. Now i may talk a lot of shit but atleast i have the respect to say it in front of whomever.
4) This rumor of us recruiting your members. Now jeff i haven't spoken to you directly about this but i have with viking. Again if you have questions or concerns instead of taking isac's word, come ask me. We both know i'll tell you straight up. When i look at our roster i really only see 3 names that you might be referring to when you said "you've asked a lot of our members to leave." So let me clear this up
Raul - He came to us. He wanted to leave JOG but wanted to make sure GJ is for real and isn't going anywhere. We never went to him
Inferno - This one is a bit complicated so bare with me. When we first made GJ, inferno left JOG and came with us. I never asked him to. But Isaac came to our site and talked him into going back to JOG. Ok. Well about what a month ago when Inferno became active again GJ was doing a scrim with FOS and we needed a sub. Inferno volunteered to play with us. Afterwards i pc'ed him saying "Thanks for subbing in. If you ever want to come back to GJ the door is open for you." Take that how you want it
Ryuuzaki - Yes i did recruit him. The only reason he left GJ is because me and neji were pretty inactive and he didn't want to get left alone. Ryuu is my little brother and felt hurt when he left. We talked over and over about it but he wasn't comfortable in leaving JOG having just joined. He wasn't going to until you yourself came on chat and told him it's ok if he left and went to GJ.

Now as you made your statement, i have made mine. If you want to further discuss this you know i'm always open to a conversation. But the point I really want to drive home is this, Jeff I don't dislike you, i don't disrespect you or JOG. Most of GJ dpesn't. We only dislike 1 JOG member and if i were to list the reasons, we'd be here all day. But disliking 1 member of a clan is not the same as disliking the clan as a whole.

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