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Post by {GJ}Riptide on Mon Jun 17, 2013 2:53 pm

Publisher: Bioware
Platform: Ps3 and 360
Multiplayer: YES!!!!!!
DLC: Yes

This is the final game in the original trilogy of the mass effect games. I personally bought this as the Mass Effect Trilogy which also includes ME1 (never previously released for ps3) and ME2 with all DLC. It's really a great buy if your into science fiction......which being a starwars clan i assume alot of you are lol.

Story: This is the final chapter of the Commander Shepard story. Due to Shepard's alliegance with cerberus in the 2nd game, Shepard received an honorable discharge from the Alliance army. Shortly after the Reapers invade earth and shit hits the fan. Being the only person to directly deal with the reaper threat Shepard is reinstated. The Batarian army is already destroyed and the entire race on the brink of extinction. Shepard is ordered to leave earth and go seek help from the other races, while Admirable Anderson leads the earth counter strike. You quickly find out getting help won't be so easy because the Reapers have invaded the rest of the galaxy as well and rather then unite as one, the races of the galaxy are separating and looking after their own. You must travel around the galaxy, fighting the reaper armies at every turn, defending the home planets of races such as the Turians, Salarians, Asari, krogan and more. Doing so hopefully gains their trust and will return to earth with you to wage the biggest joint army war ever. But while your doing this, your old allies cerberus are using the reaper invasion to catch people off guard and silently take over the galaxy. So while stopping the reapers you must also stop the Illusive man, his new right hand assassin Kai Leng and the rest of the Cerberus army.

Game Play: Mass effect 3 holds true to the gameplay of Mass Effect 2. It's an over the shoulder, take cover shooter. You are constantly in huge fire fights with the Reaper ground forces, which are made up of captured or dead people of all different races transformed and given reaper tech. There's also plenty of gun fights with Cerberus armies and the Geth. All the old powers such as Overload and Incernerate make a comeback while new powers are introduced like Carnage which destroys people into a bloody mess. New to the ME Gameplay is the strong melee, you can form your omni-tool into a sword, much like the Halo energy sword, and stab people in the heart. Everybody from the previous mass effect games make their way into ME3 in some way or another. There's also plenty of awesome cut scenes that a cinematic fanboy would love. The backgrounds and scale of the game while your playing is breathtaking. You'll be walking on a moon of Palaven, fighting reaper armies but in the background see these massive reapers tear the planet to pieces. It really makes you feel like your in the middle of a battlefield.

Multiplayer: Finally a mass effect game has multiplayer. It's really a souped up version of Horde like every other game has these days, but for some reason i was addicted to it. You team up with 3 other players and last through 10 waves of either Geth, Cerberus or reaper forces while doing mini missions during waves. It's very fun and very addictive. Your also able to customize weapons and armor which is always a plus. The cool thing with this is the more you play the multiplayer, the more it effects your single player campaign. Playing multiplayer and surviving the waves increases your galactic readiness in the single player.

Final Thoughts: I thought this was a true master piece of a game until i got to the end. I won't ruin it for you but the ending doesn't match up to the rest of the game. But besides that it's amazing. There's some really cool moments that will be in your memory for awhile and make you want to replay it. Like a Thrasher Maw taking down a Reaper, sick as hell. The gameplay has a nice flow to it, there are some down spots like walking around the citadel trying to find stuff but the massive firefights make up for it. It's also very cool to see all the old faces that appear in ME3, especially if you played through the 1st two games. If it was given a better ending, this would receive a top score from me.

Final Rating: 9


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