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Star Wars the Force Unleashed Review Empty Star Wars the Force Unleashed Review

Post by {GJ}Riptide on Mon Jun 17, 2013 3:02 pm

This review i will cover the best selling star wars platform game of all time The Force Unleashed. Now yes it is an older ps3 game that many have played already but i recently picked it up and want to do a review.

Publisher: LucasArts and THQ

Platform: PS3 and 360

Multiplayer: No

DLC: Yes


Story: The story is pretty important in the star wars universe. It take place inbetween episodes 3 and 4. It shows the empire in its prime and the birth of the rebellion. How did the rebellion start? Were all the jedi really killed during order 66 besides vader,luke,yoda and obi? What were the times like in the empire's prime? How loyal is vader to the emperor? All these and more are answered in this game. You play as Darth Vader's secret apprentice. Yes, darth vader's apprentice, badass already. Vader invaded Kashyyyk hunting a rogue jedi, before killing this weak jedi vader sense someone much stronger with the force which happened to be you. After killing your father in front of you he then saves you from stormtroopers and kidnaps you. He trains you in the ways of the darkside and you are sent to destroy his enemies in preparation of your main goal, to overthrow the emperor along side Vader. The character development is pretty good in this game. You get to really feel the apprentices emotions and the inner fights he goes through as well as learning where vader's loyalities lie. Now the only draw back to the story is well unavoidable. If you've seen episodes 4,5 and 6 then you can easily guess how this game will end.

Gameplay: The main attraction to none star wars diehards is the power to use the force like never before. You can grip,push,throw lightning, basically make yourself into a bomb, all kinds of cool shit. The saber usage can become repeatitve but you'll only use those when your out of force. It's very amusing being able to pick up tie fighters and throw them at an enemy, or pick up a stormtrooper and electucute him before you throw him into space. There are several jedi battles which are pretty cool like battling against Master Shaak Ti or General Rahm Kota. But with the good theres the bad. Several boss fights arn't fun and are just frusterating. Like the battles with Maris Brood and The Emperor. The camera angles in these boss fights is a major setback. They basically suck. AND this game tried to do the coolest thing ever in star wars, bring down a star destroyer from the sky using the force and make it crash in front of you. To bad the way the game delievered with this its so time consuming and boring and frustrating instead of enjoying it you'll just be happy after 15min that you finally done it.

Final Rating: 7/10 


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