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Post by {GJ}Riptide on Mon Jun 17, 2013 3:03 pm

Publisher: Bethesda
Platform: PS3, 360, PC
Genre: Action Role playing, open world
DLC: Yes
Release Year: 2008

The year is 2277, 200 years after the nuclear apocalypse that devestated the world. It takes place in and around what's left of washington dc. Before the bombs went off underground vaults we're built to hold and protect up to 1000 people, usually wealthy people. Thats where you start off, inside vault 101. The vault door has been sealed for 200 hundred years, intil one night your dad opens it and leaves for unknown reasons. This leaves the community in a state of uproar and blame you. In search of your dad, you escape as well and go into the capital wasteland. People have said this game isnt as beautiful as other bethesda games like oblivion and skyrim but you have to remember, it's not supposed to be. There are no trees, no seas of green, all rivers/oceans are polluted with radiation. Outside the vault you must travel the waste in search for your father where is trying to make the world a better place. Doing that means you have to encounter many odd individuals who live outside vaults. The inner roads od DC are over run by Super Mutants and Ghouls, outside DC there are gangs and many hostile, radioactive creatures. Theres also two military groups fighting for power within DC, the Enclave which is run by "president" Eden and the Brotherhood which just wants the world to be like it was.

If you've played bethesda games, you know what to expect. You level up, customize your guy with armor and weapons and explore the world doing whatever you want. Leveling up is different in this series tho, rather then leveling up by increasing your skills you get exp by killing things. With each new level you can get a new perk which adds many different ways to play the game. Also when shooting there is a VATS mode, which basically slows down time and gives you a percentage of a chance you'll hit the target. You can target his head,torso or any limb and watch them fly off in slow mo. I personally think the best thing is when a super mutant throws a gernade in the air, u can enter vats, aim at the gernade and blow it up in his face or hand. The first time you encounter a super mutant behemoth might be one of the best early PS3 shocking moments. Theres all types of different guns ranging from hunting rifles, laser rifles, miniguns, plasma rifles and mini nuke launchers (which are sooo badass). Theres also side quests of every time going from collecting things, getting information, saving a kid from a tribe of vampires, dealing with pyschos who worship a talking tree, taking out gangs, saving a town from false super heros and collecting historical documents. Every classic building in DC, you can see just in pieces. The washington monument, capitol building, white house, even arlington. It is pretty neat traveling and fighting at these places, also finding documents like the declaration of independence and the bill of rights. You can also find Abrham lincoln's rifle which is pretty cool.


This game is big on DLC. If you buy the game of the year edition, you just bought yourself months more of extra gameplay. The main quest continues, you can go back in time to the US vs China nuke war, travel to sketchy places like The Pitt and Pointlook out which both have their own unique stories or just get abducted by aliens.

I'm a big fan of the open world games and think bethesda really captured the horrific aftermath of a nuclear apocalypse. You have many intersting characters like the disc jockey Three Dog (who you can listen to anytime of the radio), President Eden, Doctor Li and many more. Liam Neeson does the voice over for you dad so that's a plus because we all know Liam Neeson is a badass. And this game just as hours and weeks and months of gameplay, add on the DLC and it could last you forever.

With any good bethesda game you get the bugs. Also this game tends to freeze which can make you start thowing shit. It also takes up a shitload of your memory on the consule. The main questline could of also been stronger and special moments could of been done better with actual cutscenes rather then the ingame cut scenes.

Riptide's Rating: 8/10


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Fallout 3 Review Empty Re: Fallout 3 Review

Post by -Rome- on Tue Jun 18, 2013 2:36 pm

I bought this a couple months ago and didn't play much of anything else for like 3 weeks. This game just keeps on giving entertainment wise.


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Fallout 3 Review Empty Re: Fallout 3 Review

Post by Sir Vestavian on Tue Jun 18, 2013 2:46 pm

Actually, I have New Vegas which I plan on installing soon...cool that you wrote this up though, now I'm thinking of getting it. Thanks for this Review Bill!

Sir Vestavian

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Fallout 3 Review Empty Re: Fallout 3 Review

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