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Ranks of the Gray Jedi Empty Ranks of the Gray Jedi

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The Kage make up the Council of Balance. They embody the way of the Gray Jedi and live by the code. A Kage must be a talented warrior possessing both great instinctive skill and great leadership. As good as their combat skills are the most important part of a Kage is leading fellow Gray Jedi down the path of balance. It is a Kage's responsibility to mentor and take care of all under his or her watch. Only a select few are born with the characteristics it takes to become Kage.

Master of Balance

These are the Gray Jedi who have perfected their skills. They understand what it means to be a Gray Jedi and are next in line to be Kage. They are the Masters of Balance because they use both the dark side and the light side in order to obtain balance not only in the universe but also in their souls. While still being mentored by the Kage they are intrusted to teach young up and coming Gray Jedi. The Kage's put their greatest faith in the Masters to lead armies into battle when necessary because they understand peace can not be obtained without war. Masters are also in charge of teaching apprentices.

Gray Knight

Gray Knights are Jedi who have passed the tests set by the Kage's. They are talented warriors and have dedicated themselves to the path of balance. At this point although they are still mentored by the Kage they don't officially have a teacher. The hardest part of being a Gray Knight is finding your own way to obtain balance in your life and learn how to protect not yourself but others around you. They are the star students of the Gray JediĀ  and are trusted to carry small squads into missions.


Knight is a title given to those who have completed the first half of their training. They are now given private training sessions with the Kage that test both their skills on the battlefield and their mental strength. They are looked at as the future protectors of balance. This can be a rank many stay at for a long time because not only are you discovering the path but fiercely training your combat skills.


Apprentices are jedi who have been accepted by the gray jedi order. They are usually taught by masters in the art of combat in both dark and light sides of the force. Here it is focused more on combat skills then knowledge of balance. One must train in balancing both sides of the force in combat before they find their own way down the path. When the apprentice's master feels they are ready, the apprentice takes a test designed by the Kage to reach Knight.


Recruits are lone wanders who seek a home within the order. They have been initially accepted by the Kage but must go through a period of observation. If the Kage thinks they are capable of handling the training and contributing to the Gray Jedi after observing them, they are given the rank of apprentice.

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