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God of war 3 review Empty God of war 3 review

Post by {GJ}Riptide on Mon Jun 24, 2013 7:04 pm

Developer: SCE Santa Monica Studios
Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment/Capcom
Platform: PS3
Multiplayer: No
Replay value: medium
Year: 2010

The story takes up exactly where God of war 2 left you. Climbing mount olympus with the titans to restart the great war between titans and gods. Instantly you notice the much improved graphics which honestly make it so much better. After being betrayed (again) by gaia, you find yourself in hell (again). You once again find yourself searching for Pandora's box to give you the power to kill a god. The flame that now surrounds the box can only be penetrated by Pandora herself. Zeus knowing this and being paranoid stole Pandora from her father Hephaestus and hid her in the Labyrinth. As you search for pandora you come across many gods and titans, all of whom want you dead. From all out battles with Hades and Hercules to clever battles against Hera and Helios. As the gods die, you begin to notice the ramifications their deaths have on the world. This game does exactly what an ending game in a legendary trilogy should do and does it beautifully. The story wraps up everything that has happened in the 3 games and ties them together filling in any questions of what and why you may have. Also this is the first game that extracts emotions from Kratos other then anger. As the game goes on the cut scenes become more and more emotional and pulls you into the game even more. It truly is a beautiful way to present and end the story on this trilogy.

If you played the first two god of war games you'll feel right at home with the gameplay. The graphics are improved 100% and just looks like moving artwork. All the items you got in the 2nd game like Icarus Wings are still available and add to the game. You also get new weapons such as Apollo's Bow and the Head of Helios (which is kind of gross if you think about it but hey kratos is a badass). Of course like the other games the landscapes are done brilliantly bringing you full circle after hours of gameplay. But the most important thing to God of War are the boss battles. In an era of gaming where the art of boss battles is lacking, God of War not only does it better then everybody but does it perfectly. Each boss battle has the big fight feel to it and each battle is unique. Each fight takes a different strategy, gives different rewards and memories you'll keep thinking back to making you want to play again. All the boss battles are perfect matching their uniqueness with the gods or titans your fighting and is the best part of this game

Final Thoughts
I was expecting a good game but not expecting it to be great. I was wrong, if you care about solo play and good story telling and character development, God of War 3 is a masterpiece. The last 30min of gameplay had me on the edge of my seat with explanations, plot twists and unexpected emotions. What i think is overlooked and really made the game for me is the development of Kratos from the 1st game to the 3rd. I can't say much without ruining it so i won't go into detail. Honestly this is one of the best games i've played even though it lacks multiplayer (I don't really care for multiplayer anyways) and can't think of anything negative to say. 

Rating: 10/10


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God of war 3 review Empty Re: God of war 3 review

Post by Mr. Parker on Mon Jun 24, 2013 7:50 pm

told you, go get last of us now and poop ur panties

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